Sunday School Service Year 2022-2023 Agreement

Role and Responsibilities of the Sunday school Servant (ES, MS, and HS)

❖ The Sunday school servant must understand that his/her service is an integral part of raising the next generation of our church members, therefore this is a holy and a godly call.
❖ The goal is not just to teach/discuss a subject/topic, but rather to show them how to be the image of Christ in this world.
❖ The Sunday school servants should be open to constructive criticism with the appropriate & Christian manner, as we are members of one body and ought to love one another to become Christ’s disciples with the end goal is to grow spiritually ourselves and improve the education, and wellbeing of the children of our church.
❖ It’s important to know that the way a servant conducts himself/herself in the classroom leaves an everlasting impact on the students, more than the lesson itself. So be a role model for the students spiritually as well as behaviorally, attends church regularly, have a father of confession and partake in the communion regularly. watch your words and actions. Do not respond to a question without making sure it follows your church teachings.
❖ Respect the time of Sunday School Class, classes should start on time at 5:00 PM and end at 6:15. If we respect the time, we will teach our kids to do so also.
❖ Follow the Southern Diocese curriculum “” unless otherwise directed by the class coordinator or the team coordinator.
❖ Prepare your Sunday school lesson as soon as you receive your lesson assignment. All the lessons of each month must be received, for review, the last week of the prior month or earlier. “Cursed is he who does the work of the LORD deceitfully” (Jeremiah 48:10)
❖ Come to church early and remember that you are an example to those whom you serve. Dress appropriately. No tight clothes, pajamas, ripped clothing, short skirts, open and revealing collars, shorts, sleeveless shirts or tops and any inappropriate clothing or excessive makeup for the church. Be an example and teach the kids to do the same.
❖ Do not gossip negatively about other servants or kids. We are one team and should treat each other with respect.
❖ The servants need to be caring yet firm, as any parent would be.
❖ Using old (traditional) teaching methods does not serve the generation we are serving today. Be creative to meet the present generation’s needs while not losing the traditional Orthodox teachings.
❖ All Sunday school services and activities must be conducted in English except for the newcomers who will initially need a servant to translate individually until they are comfortable to follow in English (newcomers indicates those who have been here for less than two years). For students who have been here for more than two years, it’s important to challenge them (and their parents) to embrace the new culture they live in and improve their language.
❖ The Servant must communicate with all the servants in his/her class on all Sunday school activities, no individual decision should be taken as all the servants are equal.
❖ Sunday School Servant works closely with his/ her colleagues as well as the Sunday School Team Coordinator to affirm that the students at the classroom are taught, and understand the agreed-upon curriculum.
❖ Possess the ability to embrace innovation and creativity, through the encouragement of the students to participate in the classroom, as well as embrace them taking the lead when possible through teaching/ discussing a topic in the classroom
❖ Obtain a detailed demographics list for all children in each class and take a class attendance of your children weekly.
❖ Perform visitation of children missing Sunday school and or with low attendance rate (Physical visitation, phone calls, text messages, etc.). Visitation of the sick children is a must to be arranged.
❖ Communicate with children’s parents and newcomers as needed
❖ Servants must have 75% attendance during the year, or about 3 Sundays out of 4 (except events that warrant a long leave of absence). It’s important to understand that teaching/ coordinating the topic for the assigned day will not be enough, as it’s important to build a relationship with the students, and help with the organization of the classroom, therefore consistent presence in the classroom is important.
❖ The Sunday school servant has to communicate any issues that he/she faces in the classroom to his/her coordinator, and if they are not able to find a solution, then they will need to escalate the issue as necessary.
❖ An end of year review will be held for servants and coordinators to ensure the constant improvements in the performance of those who serve.

Sunday School Servants together with the Sunday School Team Coordinator, Sunday School Class Coordinator and the Priest of the Church is responsible for the oversight and implementation of all processes and elements related to children’s learning through Sunday school classrooms and all other Sunday school activities.

Sunday School Schedule Setup

    • Sunday school starts at 5 pm
    • From 5:00pm to 5:15: classes meet per age group division:
      • sing a hymn
      • character building story
    • Children go to their assigned classes per grade
    • Class prays ONLY assigned prayers for their age group (see table 1)
    • Lessons from 5:30 to 6:00 pm (to be conducted in no more than 30 minutes)
    • 6:00-6:10 time to encourage children to ask questions. Possible assign small presentation for children to do prior to end of class
    • 6:10-6:15 conclusion prayer and dismissal


According to the age group, class coordinator communicates with their team coordinator to plan trips, spiritual/fun days, and retreats for the kids throughout the year, at minimal two activities per year. Activities may include - Two spiritual days a year (example: Saturday at the church) - One retreat a year (Middle and High School) - A Day at the park, Zoo trip, Bowling, Movie (If appropriate), Laser Tag, etc.

Weekly zoom spiritual activities are commended if possible

**Coordinators: Please submit a service year calendar of activities no later than the New Coptic Year; 9/11/2022.

Sunday School Servant’s Meeting Attendance (see table 2)

A servant’s meeting will be held face to face every Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm

Three of which, as general servants meeting and one as family-specific meeting (Elementary, Middle and High School Families). If there is a 5th Wednesday in any given month, it will be a prayer meeting.

It is mandatory for all servants to attend these meetings regularly; Special situations or emergent excuses have to conducted ahead of time to the service leader.

Diocese’s Retreats

Servants from each service group (ES, MS, HS), will be assigned at the beginning of each year to attend the winter and the summer diocese’s retreats (at least 2 servants from each service group per retreat) by which they can arrange their schedule ahead of time to avoid the last-minute difficulty to find servants for these retreats.


We can’t do much on our own, therefore all of us the servants need to keep the Sunday School Ministry in our prayers daily for Gods hand to work before our hands so the service might be fruitful for His Children.

“And for their sakes, I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth” (John 17:19)

Heavenly blessings descend on the son of obedience
Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful service,
Sunday School Leaders committee
Fr. Daoud Tawadrous

Table 1 - 2022/2023 Memorization Agenda

Class Prayer
PreK ❖ Sign of the Cross (English and Coptic)

❖ Our Father

Kindergarten ❖ Psalm 50
1st Grade ❖ Psalm 50
2nd Grade ❖ Kg + Trisagion prayer
3rd Grade ❖ 2nd grade + We exalt you
4th Grade ❖ 3rd Grade + The Orthodox Creed

❖ 40 Lord have mercy

5th Grade ❖ Thanksgiving Prayer

❖ Psalm 1 & 22

❖ Conclusion of every hour

6th Grade ❖ 5th grade + 1st Hour absolutions
7th Grade ❖ 5th grade + 11th&12th Hour absolution
8th Grade ❖ 5th grade + 9th hour absolution

Table 2 - 2022 Servants Meeting Schedule

* Some meetings will be adjusted/canceled according to church feasts/occasions.

Month General Servant Meeting
  • August 17th, 2022
  • August 24th, 2022
  • August 31st, 2022
    (Service family meetings)
  • September 7th, 2022
  • September 14, 2022
  • September 21st, 2022
  • September 28th, 2022
    (Service family meetings)
  • October 5th, 2022
  • October 12th, 2022
  • October 19th, 2022
  • October 26th, 2022
    (Service family meetings)
  • November 2nd, 2022
  • November 9th, 2022
  • November 16th, 2022
  • November 23rd, 2022
    (Service family meetings)
  • November 30th, 2022
    (Prayer meeting)
  • December 7th, 2022
  • December 14th, 2022
  • December 21st, 2022
  • December 28th, 2022
    (Service family meetings)